A major component of South Shore Country Day School are the variety of programs held throughout the school year for parents. We feel that it is very important for parents to be aware of their child's growth and development, as well as being part of our school community.


Parents can look forward to these monthly events:


September:  "Meet the Teacher"

October:    "Open House"

November: "Parent-Teacher Conferences"

December: "Mom's Morning"

January:    "Multi-Cultural Month"

February:   "Sweetheart's Day"

March:       "Career Day"

April:  "Guest Readers"

May:  "Father's Participation Day"
         "Parent-Teacher Conferences"

June: "Graduation" 


We also welcome parents to be a "Guest Reader", to share a holiday tradition and to celebrate their child's birthday.

This connection between the school and the home is an important one in nurturing the growth of each child!