South Shore's Early Childhood Curriculum is based on the introduction of a variety of concepts through integrated units of study




Your child will participate in activities relating to these concepts through creative art experiences, literature and reading readiness, science experiments, mathematical discoveries, cooking, dramatic play, creative movement and dance, computers, Spanish, music, and field trips



Activities will differ between the three year olds, four year olds, kindergarten, and first grade students because of the variety of individual and group developmental levels.



All children will participate in units relating to:


The Child and his World:  
All about Me, My Neighborhood, My Community,
Multi-Cultural Holiday Celebrations 

Let's Experiment, 
Seasonal Changes and Environmental Studies,
Classroom Pets,
The Animal Kingdom,
Simple Science- Let's Experiment!


Safety First:  
Let's Get Healthy

Math Madness:  
Shapes- Sizes- Numbers- Counting - Sets- Addition
Measurement - Time- Money

Emerging Literacy:
Matching- Classifying- Sorting -Identifying-Patterning
Auditory perception- Rhyming- Letters - Sounds
Storytelling- Creative Writing - Inventive Spelling